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    When your music connects to an audience,
    We connect that audience to you!

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    What is YAP?

    Search engine Your Artist Portal (YAP) is established to help Indie recording artists benefit from the exposure provided by Radio Music Catalog’s exclusive collection of “Broadcast Magazines”. We encourage you to submit your songs to the music catalogs that match the style and category of music you perform then use this platform to connect with fans and market your goods.

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  • Digital Artists Promotion Profile (DAPP)

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    Tell us who you are, what you’re about, and where you’re from.


    YAP Profile Video - Welcome visitors, engage your fans, show and tell us why we should support you and make your call to action!


    Share the images and themes that inspire you and your followers!

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    validate you as the type of next level recording artist we support and welcome to our platform. To help you get the best price for your products we suggest you employ RMC’s Vault Promotion Strategy.

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    helps both your fans and peers learn more about how the real you interacts with the real world; in real time. Your performances are important and we’ll do all we can to help you promote them; but, we understand that your life is more than what happens onstage during a performance. We encourage you to share more of the who, what and where of the activities you pursue and enjoy with us; if given the chance, maybe we’d like to participate!

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    Don’t bank all your success on the offer of music streams! You need to sell more stuff and we help you do that with easy cost effective methods.

    1. Link merch offered in your profile to a preferred free ecommerce platform.
    2. Choose Integration Services to connect the products in your profile to other ecommerce platforms.
    3. Offer your merchandise in YAP’s Indie Merch Marketplace.

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    Growing your career may require skills and or services you don’t already have? You can’t get the help you need to be a success if you don’t ask! We encourage you to use our web page to help with finding the right pieces for putting your projects together!

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    provide you a perfect opportunity to make a direct and special connection with your most supportive followers.

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    We identify and reward artists that demonstrate superior talent, energy, and interest from fans with an added level of visibility on the site.


    Failure to follow YAP terms and conditions is cause to cancel your membership/account.

    YAP is a cost free artist promotion platform provided courtesy of Radio Music Catalog

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