Vault Promotion Strategy

  • Our tag “The Vault” is a symbol of our trademark policy and practices.

    Radio Music Catalog
    The Vault

    For most Indie recording artists, streaming platforms pit them against the price point of major artists who can afford to sell on the cheap. For the typical Indie artist, trying to capture the mass market dilutes the value of their work to the point where it’s not profitable. Indie artists need a better price point to make things work for them, but can they expect to market their wares for as much or more than Drake or Taylor Swift? Maybe? All artists need a base of loyal fans that are eager and able to show their support. For today’s Indie recording artist, being exclusive may be the best way to capture this kind of following.

  • "We suggest artists don’t release their product to the mass market to build demand; but instead, identify and connect to a supportive fan base, then protect the value and build strong demand for the product before releasing it."

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    Protect and Build
    Product Value

    The path to a profitable product is to protect its value while creating strong demand for it. Radio Music Catalog employs digital media, skillful studio production techniques, and broadcast quality entertainment programing to help artists achieve both!

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    Employ Trademark
    Production Technique

    Using a method not as sexy as encryption but far more practical, we’ve adopted a groundbreaking music program format that secures and grows the value of the products we promote. More than a clever production technique, the two minute rule is the signature policy of RMC publications. Our playlist publishers capture a special section of an artist's composition and combine it with distinctive production elements to create a unique piece of digital promotional content.

    Vault Promotion: “Teaser Tracks”, the best 120 seconds of an artist’s song are used to generate global interest and streams while the artist secures their complete original composition in a “safe space” until a time they decide to sell the complete work to the public as part of a collection.

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    Self Promoting NFTs

    NFT’s offer a tremendous opportunity to pump up profits for music makers. They’ve been very profitable for collectables and products already in high demand. Fortunate for today’s Indie artists as well as RMC playlist publishers, artists need not just hope their music becomes collectable, songs that employ our Vault Promotion Strategy perform like self-promoting “virtual” NFTs that stimulate demand and build value with every broadcast!

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